ExpandIT Mobile Time

– Mobile Time For Field Service

ExpandIT Mobile Time:

ExpandIT Mobile Time is designed for consultants, team workers and project managers who work away from their office and register the time spent on each project or customer visit.
Especially service organizations use time registrations as the basis for customer invoicing.
Therefore, it is essential to get reliable and exact information registered on each project activity as well as it may reduce or remove efforts later wasted on solving inconsistency between the customer’s and your perception of completed activities on a project.


The Client:

It is optional whether you want to exploit the product as a ‘stand-alone’ or want to integrate it with your existing AX/Axapta or NAV/Navision.
If you integrate with AX/Axapta or NAV/Navision, then you can utilize the information already available such as customer, resource, project and activity information.

The projects are defined in AX/Axapta or NAV/Navision and headings and job task lines are reflected on the ExpandIT Mobile Time client.
This empower the project worker to make meaningful time registrations that can be injected into AX/Axapta or NAV/Navision job journals and posted with little manual processing.