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“We have had a very positive experience, not only with the solution, but with ExpandIT and EG. We have had excellent service, and more importantly, the two continue to work together to help us with our needs. They have definitely contributed to our success.”Niels Peter Habekost, CFO, Catering Engros


ExpandIT Internet Shop is a fully integrated .NET MVC HTML5 e-commerce solution, which uses the Internet to provide general and specific information to customers and allows these to use this information to easily enter requests for goods, services and/or additional information.

Business specific information is maintained only in NAV/Navision or AX/Axapta and can be combined with information provided by suppliers.

Non-ERP content across different sites can be managed via the intranet in addition to supplementing ERP-information with multimedia.

The solution can be modified, customized and extended.

ExpandIT Service Portal

ExpandIT Service Portal is designed for companies who wish to enable their customers to create service requests based on service items already in AX/NAV or, alternatively customer, who wish to register machines / service items purchased elsewhere.

A log of the service item related communication including blueprints, pictures and BoM is kept in the portal, thereby creating a consistent platform for customer-vendor partnering.

The service request is displayed in ExpandIT Planning Board, where it can be planned alongside other jobs.

ExpandIT Internet Shop

e-Commerce Project?

ExpandIT offers a workshop, where ExpandIT Internet Shop is integrated to your ERP-system and where the different business issues are addressed.
This process uncovers weaknesses in the business model, in the ERP-system and in the expected resource requirements.

If you are interested and want to know more about ExpandIT Internet Shop Workshop please contact [email protected]

ExpandIT Partners:

No software is better than the people implementing it and at ExpandIT we believe experience is the best certification.

That’s why all the ExpandIT Partners listed here have at least one successful implement of either ExpandIT Internet Shop or ExpandIT Mobile ERP.