EIS Standard software:

The current version of ExpandIT Internet Shop is the fifteenth version, which means that the average lifespan of a version is twelve months. In this version we have accumulated end-customer experience and implemented use of Twitter Bootstrap.
Below you can find a list of the changes in the recent version.


“It was the only alternative available that would provide us with a high degree of automation and integration with NAV, a large number of credit facilities, plus a number of high volume installations in the field.”

José Luis Alonse, CEO, Piezas y Partes



  • Reprogrammed in HTML5 compliant .NET MVC


  • Support for NAV 2015.
  • Support for AX 2012.

Catalog Manager

  • New User Interface (Beta)


Web Site:

  • All previous released hotfixes are included.
  • Support for Twitter Bootstrap.
  • Responsive design via Twitter Bootstrap.


  • Improved requirement analysis process.
  • Improved implementation process.
  • Improved


  • Support for NAV 2013.
  • Support for AX 2012.

Catalog Manager

  • Content management in Catalog Manager of multiple websites.

EIS 4.1

Web Site:

  • All previous released hotfixes are included.
  • Content management included.
  • Improved NAV/Navision Business logic.
  • Improved AX/Axapta Business logic.
  • Improved setting of Require Catalog Entry.
  • Improved search on properties.
  • Improved emails in text format.
  • Support for CDOSYS when sending mails.
  • Updated DIBS form.
  • Improved debugging functionality.
  • Improved update of MiniCart.
  • Updated CurrencyIso4217 table with new currencies.


  • Improved information on how to add fields to the Cart.
  • Improved Getting Started guide.
  • Improved Requirements section.

  • Updated support for NAV/Navision.
  • Updated support for XAL.
  • Updated support for C5.
  • Updated support for AX/Axapta.
  • Support for “granule version” of NAV/Navision objects.
  • Improved test of Live Web Server.

Catalog Manager:

  • Support for extracting/injecting single tables during development.
  • Log file handling. Now writes one log file per day.
  • Multi language.
  • Multi user.
  • Content management.
  • Show active tables first in Configuration Tool.
  • Improved test of “live site” from Configuration Tool and FTPTransport.
  • Dynamic filters in Extractor and Injector.
  • Can now remove references to MVC and .NET 3.5 in the web.config on upload.
  • Support for special remote versions of files.
  • Can now upload views.
  • Use of NAV/Navision indexes when extracting from NAV/Navision.
  • Improved MakeCat.vbs for automatic catalog creation.
  • Web based Catalog Manager.
  • Removal of old updatexxxxxxx.mdb.asp from “live web site”.